A DIY Book Signing Tour!


 First Breakthrough for the Little Fellow

Creators of Book Signing Tour Action Planner

Patti, Tom, and Willow Grace


Don’t wait for something to happen–Make it happen       

Plot your book marketing course with this Easy-to-Use

Book Signing Tour Action Planner!

Build relationships as you meet book sellers and readers.

  How many of  your readers have you met?

what makes you different from other authors who have written on your topic?

Could you use a little help in setting up a book signing?

Are you short of ready cash for marketing your book? 

What are you afraid of?

When Tom and Patti started out they were going to schedule a couple of book signings to go along with a scheduled trip for a seminar presentation. The first three-city tour turned out so well, they tried another one. This time the route and the possibilities stretched from Los Angeles to Houston. The limiting factor was time. Soon, enthusiasm took over and they had a large map tacked to the dining room wall! Color-coded push pins showed at a glance the status of their efforts. The route was taking shape. Confirmations were coming in; smaller maps got down to the details. They were ready to assemble the “Trip Book.” Twelve book signings were scheduled. Their author was almost ready to take her show on the road! The big day finally arrived. Patti handed her a basket filled with snacks and she was off with the Trip Book at her side!


In this Book-Signing Action Planner, Patti and Tom virtually take your hand and guide you on your way to conducting your own low cost book-signing tour.  You will use the same steps they used to guide their author on her way to becoming a bestselling author.

Benefits of the Book-Signing Action Planner :

1. Organizes the planning process.

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    Keep in mind that when you start out on your own book-signing tour, you don’t want a regular trip planner.  You want to have an action planner written specifically for authors who want to have a successful book-signing tour.  Your planner should include at least these 4 criteria:

1.     Prompts you for specific information, so you can plan every aspect of a single book-signing or a complete tour.

2.     Contains critical checklists and planning schedules.

3.     Have proven results by authors who have been successful using it.

4.     Use it in electronic format or print it out, whichever suits you best.

Never has it been so easy to set up and conduct

your own low cost book-signing tour!



Order now so you can relax (and have fun) letting the world meet you and your book! To make it even easier, check out our companion book.


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